Venetian plaster trends to know about in 2023

Date: Sunday January 1, 2023    Read Time: 4 mins
Venetian plaster trends

Lets look at the Venetian plaster trends, but first of all, the phrase polished plaster trend is a slightly oxymoronic term. Venetian plaster doesn’t undergo seasonal changes, it’s far too enduring and costly to be updated frequently.

Yet designers do lean to particular finishes from time to time, finishes become popular due to environmental and energetic shifts. Remember the woodchip wallpaper and artex ceilings from the 80’s? (People keep trying to tell me that this is going to come back, but I’m not entirely convinced).

So as we are into the swing of 2023, and the human race are learning to be a lot more mindful towards our wellbeing and our planet too, let’s look at some of the Venetian plaster finishes that are very likely to withstand the test of time, and perhaps look at some of the ones that may be looking a little tired.

Earthy Clays

As we recover from the PTSD that is all-grey-everything interiors, and the pandemic taught us a lot about trying to connect with nature again. Earthy clay Venetian plaster and earthy colour tones play an important role through this era and are still going strong today. There are many ways of achieving a natural look with Venetian plaster. A firm favourite which is quite new product on the scene is our clay product archi+ arguilla

Known for their calming effects and being heavily associated with nature, clay Venetian plaster is the ideal way to bring warmth into any area. James from Hikitia says “We love installing clay Venetian plaster lately, my current favourites colours for this product are peaches, corals and browns”

Scott from Hikitia says “I predict mauves and pinks making a big appearance in 2023, especially in earthy products such as clay and calce cruda”. Clay Venetian plaster and Calce Cruda can be a highly effective way to bring natural materials into a London Interior or city abode.

Our metallic family

Metallic Venetian plaster is here in a big way, and our team believe that it’s here for the long haul. Although we’re seeing more silvers creeping in again. Bronze, gold and copper will still be huge in interiors but designers are opting to bring a new level of sophistication into their spaces.

We are also noticing that people are gravitating more towards the matt spectrum metallics, over the traditionally glossy variations.


Concrete is showing no signs of tiring. From raw to polished, concrete Venetian plaster is still going very strong in interiors. This is largely due to its versatility in textures and colours. We’re seeing concrete coupled with many other materials such as wood, stone, plants and sustainable materials.

This new style of brutalism is a lot more softer approach to inviting concrete into our interiors.

Liquid Metals

Liquid Metal has stolen the stage recently on the surface design platform.

The ability to have super smooth reflective finishes, or slightly textured surfaces makes this product so versatile.

Similar to the metallics, we are seeing a lot more silver tones being chosen for a lot of our London and essex polished plastering projects recently. But don’t worry, the copper, brass, bronze and custom golds are going to be around for an eternity.

What’s on the way out?

Of course this is always going to be up for debate. Unless going for a real statement piece, or perhaps using for branding, then we feel that intense colour pallets and feature walls are not particularly on trend for 2023.

There was a time when Hikitia surface design we were doing a pillar box red, polished plaster media wall every week. More neutral and natural tones mean that Venetian plaster can now be installed throughout the whole room, rather than on just a feature wall.

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