Calce Cruda

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Calce Cruda

“God gave the challenge of raw materials. Pictures unpainted, songs unsung and problems unsolved. That we may know the joys of creation”

-Thomas S Monson


Calce Cruda, also known as raw lime plaster is a very versatile product.

Like many products in the Venetian plaster family, Calce Cruda has also been used for thousands of years.  It consists of hydrated lime, clay, fibres, and aggregate. The aggregate comes in various grades depending on the texture needed, either Intonaco or classic size.  It can be trowel compressed down to create a real earthy clay look.  Otherwise, the grain can be opened up, to give the feel of honed sandstone.

As always, this can be tinted to any colour, but in our opinion works great with a natural colour palette.
On a more dramatic scale, it can be used to give a finish representative of a Tuscany villa.
This mineral blend of clay and lime and its extremely earthy textures help to bring an unpolished sense of character to any space. This unique blend makes it incredibly breathable, allowing moisture to escape and preventing mould.

Calce Cruda has gained a lot of movement within the construction industry lately due to it’s sustainability properties and the fact that it releases zero volatile organic compounds. This can be invaluable for people with allergies or respiratory issues.

Once the material has been built up in layers and compressed down, it will become very durable.

Calce Cruda should always be applied by an expert. Please speak to us at Hikitia, about how we can bring this beautiful earthy, mineral finish into your next project.



Why use Hikitia for your next Calce Cruda project?

Calce Cruda Venetian Plaster is a real statement product that can add a real impact to your project when done correctly. Our materials are supplied by Novacolor. Combined with our extensive training in this field we have the expertise needed to make your project look as authentic as the real thing. Feel free to check out our gallery, to see many projects we have carried out for our happy clients. To speak more about all the finishes and what we can offer you, please get in touch.

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