The story behind Hikitia

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I once asked myself “If I had all the time and the money in the world, what would I choose to do?"

James Payne – Venetian plaster artist


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It all begins here, with my story….

“My ‘job’ is my place that I escape to, not escape from.”

At school, I was always the one getting told off for drawing all over my books. At the end of English class, my fellow pupils would have their essays ready to hand in. Whereas I would have scribbles, doodles and messy hands from rubbing and blending different pencils together. I was told I wouldn’t amount to anything, because all I wanted to do was spend my time scribbling.

When I left school, I chose to become a graffiti artist. I believed that I was transforming spaces by adorning walls with my spray cans. I would search far and wide for clean walls that would get best coverage, until finally I would produce my masterpiece.

Fast-forward to today and you could say I’m doing the same sort of thing… only with Venetian plaster. I elevate and create interest in spaces by producing original and beautiful surface designs. I’ve fortunately progressed to create a career from my art, and I no longer have to run away from the police for doing it!

It is my dharma, my true calling. This is what makes me feel alive each day! Venetian Plaster and surface design is an art form. When I create, it comes from the heart.

The Name Hikitia was born….

Why did I choose this name that everybody struggles to pronounce? I chose Hikitia, as it means “uplifting” in Polynesian. I believe that I too am uplifting surfaces, but also in terms of people’s vibrational energy as they view my work. Hikitia has now become a well known brand across the surface design world.

Like many artists I take a lot of my inspiration from nature. I see the raw beauty in natural imperfections that create individuality. A quality that makes each piece of my work unique and a ‘one of a kind’ for my client.

Hikitia is a specialist contractor of Venetian Plaster and Polished Plaster.

Our mission is to achieve your vision with any given surface using a fusion of creativity, art and science, with extra consideration to our planet.

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Where we are today….

Hikitia specialises in high-end projects, working with an array of award-winning architects and designers who create beautiful bespoke pieces for our clients.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries with our materials and techniques, in order to create our unique array of modern and traditional finishes. By listening and discussing your brief at the design stage, we go on to produce a number of tailored samples for your perusal. This helps us iron out any revisions before going on to create your final piece on your chosen wall, ceiling or panel.

We are always happy to give our advice and opinion on processes and finishes, but we always keep your wants and needs at the forefront of the design. Meeting and even exceeding your expectation is always most important.

Hikitia are a team of artists and your surface becomes our canvas. Taking our inspiration from nature and architecture, using only finest materials from Italy. We supply venetian plaster with 0% VOC’s. Our experienced team keep up to date with the latest products and technology by regularly attending training with the market leaders Novacolor.

Novacolor are the leading supplier of the finest materials from Italy, covering over 50 countries Worldwide. Our visions are aligned, as Novacolor believes in Architecture being a pathway to beauty, whilst also being respectful towards the environment.

Our vision for the future….

Although we remain truly seated in our core values, we will continue to push boundaries.  Continuing to lead the path in surface design with new finishes and new materials, whilst placing an ever-increasing emphasis on sustainabilty. After all, Hikitia has always been rooted in nature, we believe in producing high end tailor made projects that uplift any space, but with minimal cost to the wellbeing of mother Earth.

The ability to transform any area.

Let us create your story.

Absolutely thrilled!

Absolutely thrilled with the work that Hikitia have produced for us. I have tried other companies in the past and haven't been completely happy. The work that James and his team have created, is nothing short of faultless. Will 100% be using again.

Charlie (Surrey)

Hikitia break the mould

James breaks the mould - He's everything you would want in a professional artisan. He was timely with his quote, polite and courteous, but above all he explained exactly what, when and how he was going to do the work. He explains how he will overcome the small challenges he faces on the job, nothing is too much of a problem, and his attention to detail is second to none. His partner Scott was equally polite and courteous and a pleasure to do business with. I would unreservedly recommend Hikitia Surface Design.

Andrew (London)

I'd never hesitate to recommend Hikitia

I have used James for various contracts over the last decade, varying anything from small feature walls to full houses of Venetian works. I would never hesitate to recommend Hikitia Surface Design as they have constantly excelled themselves on every project.

Daniel Berry (Kent)


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