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Date: January 25 2023    Category: Residential Work
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Novacolor Metallo Fuso liquid metal, London restaurant bar front

Liquid Metal Plaster, Metallo Fuso comes to London

Date: September 23 2018    Category: Commercial Projects

Hikitia Surface Design have recently completed a large install of Liquid Metal in Bancone Restaurant,  Covent Garden, London. Metallo Fuso is a revolutionary liquid metal plaster produced by Novacolor Italy, that is trowel applied to any surface before it is then highly polished transforming any product into seamless real metal.

In this case, we used the liquid metal on a bar front. Not just a head turner, but also with tremendous strength properties.

Liquid metal plaster is one of the latest materials to add to our library of decorative surfaces. Please let us know if you would like a sample or a demonstration in order to aid your next project.

Champagne silver metallic Venetian plastering

Metallic Venetian Plaster

Date: January 25 2018    Category: Residential Work

Metallic Venetian plaster, also known as Pearlata has gained some real popularity among recent months. When you see these projects, you can see why.

Imagine that look when you open up an oyster and you see the pearlescent sheen on the inside of the shell. Well that’s metallic venetian plaster. With colours across the whole spectrum, Venetian plaster has a real lustre to its surface.

With it’s light reflecting pigments, your wall will literally change as you walk to different places in your room. The appearance of the wall will even transform as the sun light moves across the room, reflecting off of the trowel finished surface.

Venetian plaster can be applied in a cloud formation, or in a linear pattern according to style and preference needed for your project. The product also comes in a matt or a gloss like finish.

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