Venetian Plaster Ideas for a store design

Date: Friday May 19, 2023    Read Time: 5 mins
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By checking out some venetian plaster ideas as If you’re an interior designer carrying out store development, Venetian plaster is bound to tick many of your boxes. You want your store to purvey the vision, mission and values of your brand and with Venetian plaster being so adaptable it could be the perfect choice for your project. Here are just some of the benefits of Venetian plaster in store design.

What is Venetian plaster?

Venetian polished plaster in essence, is a mixture of lime, marble and colour pigments. This mixture can be altered in many ways to change the characteristics of the material needed for the job in hand. The application style can also be adapted in order to obtain many different effects. You may struggle to find many Venetian plaster companies in London as it’s a very skilled trade.

The job requires a deep level of creativity, along with exceptional knowledge of the products, teamed with the correct education to apply them. Hikitia artists are trained to the highest standards by Novacolor training experts and have a wealth of knowledge in their products.

Once you involve Hikitia on a store development project, you will be pleasantly surprised just how many Venetian plaster ideas there are to choose from.

There are so many Venetian polished plaster products that can be used to put across your customer journey as they walk through your store. We don’t just sell designer walls, we build an experience.

Why choose Venetian polished plaster for your store design project?

We’ve put together some considerations for you to glance over before choosing Venetian Plaster materials for your next store design project.

1. Tell your story

Every great brand will have their own unique story to tell. If you want your store to be an immersive experience, then there really couldn’t be a better option than using Venetian Plaster in your store design.  Colours, textures, tone and reflection can all be adapted to suit the vision of your brand story. For example, when we were considered to supply Venetian Plaster for the Bancone Pasta restaurant design in London, we were entering a building that had recently been fire clad.

Every wall and ceiling had been completely squared off with pink fire rated boards and sharp edges. Bancone Pasta wanted to achieve the feel of a warm and cosy Tuscany villa, which couldn’t have been any further away from this cold, square shell. By inviting in rough textures, warm colour palettes, we were able to bring a feeling of Tuscany to London with the use of Venetian Plaster.

Rounding off sharp edges, areas of patch work and the appearance of hundreds of years worth of decorating that had been unearthed, we created layers of history within this building, with the use of Venetian Plaster. This really adds a whole feeling of authenticity when you dine at Bancone London. And they must be doing something right as they have since opened a second restaurant and have plans to open a third.

2. Brand recognition

Whether you want to colour match to your brand colours, or even to add some stencil work for a logo. Venetian plaster really does have you covered. Hikitia have installed bespoke pieces all over London and the UK with the intention of branding. For example, when installing for Mnky Hse nightclub, Mayfair London, it was important that we matched their signature brand colour 5008 blue. The new fit out included bronze details so we wanted to pull in bronze metallic elements.

The design team agreed on a Venetian plaster in 5008 blue with bronze highlights which compliments the rich surrounding interior features. When you look at this piece, it instantly oozes class and you know that you’re in a Mnky Hse.

Venetian Plaster Ideas

3. It’s a lot more healthier

Hikitia surface design use the highest quality products by Novacolor. Venetian plaster is a natural material that doesn’t release harmful VOC’s, unlike most paints, stains, sealants and glues. What’s more, because the product is lime-based, it’s breathable and incredible at inhibiting mould.

4. Venetian polished plaster is environmentally friendly

Venetian plaster is super efficient at absorbing Carbon dioxide. This is due to its high lime content and the fact that it’s a naturally derived product. We as a nation are always looking at ways to cut carbon and have healthier air. This makes polished plaster another great contender for green building.

5. Polished plaster is ultra-durable

When it comes to restaurants, hotels and bars. Nothing could be more important than durability. Most Venetian polished plaster finishes are easy to maintain so if there is ever an accident or a spill, these products are easier to clean than let’s say, a paint finish.Unlike paint, Venetian plaster won’t need re-applying every year, so this can make it a very affordable choice in the long run.

Hikitia have carried out many projects throughout London over the past two decades and some of our first ones are still going strong to this day!

Venetian Plaster – The supreme choice of finish for restaurants, bars and hotels

Hikitia carry out Venetian plaster and surface design all over London but we also work nationwide. Venetian plastering is not only very highly skilled, but it is a very labour intensive craft. We have the skill and creativity needed in order to purvey your brand identity through the art of Venetian plaster.

Please feel free to get in touch with our experienced team. We will be happy to discuss Venetian plaster ideas for your store design project.