A Helpful Guide to the Many Different Polished Plaster Finishes

Date: Thursday April 13, 2023    Read Time: 6 mins
Polished Plaster Finishes

With so many different polished plaster finishes that are available it might be hard to choose which is perfect for your project, or even your own home. We’re glad you made it this far and I can assure you that you’re in the right place.

Hikitia have been covering Venetian Plaster projects all over London, Kent, Surrey and Essex for over 20 years. But what if you’ve got to this stage and still can’t quite work out what Venetian plaster finish is for you?

Well, on this website, we have created a FINISHES GALLERY where you can explore each product and its individual features such as colours, textures and properties.

But here is a helpful guide all in one place, to help you pick the right polished Plaster finishes that’s right for you.


No other building material has the same scope and potential of concrete. This material can be used to bring warmth in a space, yet cana lso used to create brutalism.

Whether you are looking for rugged architectural concrete, giving the appearance that it has been shuttered and left. All the way through to our high-shine polished concrete, we are sure to have the perfect concrete solution for you.

It takes a lot of skill and creativity to create beautiful concrete pieces.

We at Hikitia Surface Design pride ourselves in studying and working with Concrete Venetian plaster. We celebrate its place in architecture and interior design. Even our material that we use for concrete contains concrete itself!

Pitted polished plaster

Pitted polished plaster carries the appearance and feel of stone. Varying in depth and irregularity, according to the material chosen and the application process.

Pitted polished plaster can be selected in any colour.

At Hikitia, we pull a lot of inspiration from nature.  Pitting, textures and fissures can be added, along with various washes in order to achieve a truly unique piece of work.

Polished Plaster (grassello)

Polished plaster, also known as Grassello or Spatulato. A mixture of lime putty, extremely fine marble flour and pigment.

This is an Italian classic finish. Once used to coat columns, steps and facades. Grassello has been used for centuries to give the appearance of marble walls. Applied by compressing down material to a very high shine. Probably one of the most labour intensive finishes that we provide.

Grassello needs a perfect background to go onto. Grassello is sometimes referred to as Spatulato.

Can be pigmented to any colour or shade.


Similar to pitted Venetian plaster, yet with more uniform, directional pits and fissures running through the stone finish. A real distressed stone look.

Horizontal dragging has the ability to visually lengthen the appearance of any area.


Logos can be embossed or recessed onto Venetian plaster. They can give the effect that someone has laser cut a logo into the wall or ceiling piece. This can be a great method for branding work such as a reception area, somewhere you want to create some impact.

polished plaster finishes


If you’re looking for pure luxury then metallic is for you. With its light reflecting pigments, this product can make any wall or ceiling look like it’s constantly moving and changing as you walk past it.

Metallics can come in a satin or glossy sheen as well as a vast array of colours.

Liquid Metal

Hikitia are a surface design company and we are not restricted to Venetian Plaster alone to create dramatic pieces for your project. Liquid Metals are one of the latest products in our range and they most certainly deserve a place too.

Copper, Brass, Bronze, as well as many other custom metals can be applied and polished in situ to create stunning pieces of art. Liquid Metal’s can also be used in conjunction with other materials for logo work and branding.


Corroded metals have definitely earned their place in the surface design world.

Hikitia surface design don’t just use paints to create the appearance of oxidation. We use the actual metal itself and then corrode the metal to give either a rust or patina on the metal.


Marmorino is one of the most versatile products in the Venetian plaster range. It can be burnished to a mid-Sheen to create polished stone and concrete finishes. Or Marmorino can also be trowelled to create more textured variations.

Calce cruda

Literally translating to Raw Lime, Calce Cruda is a blend of lime and clay minerals to produce strong, yet earthy textures.

Think Old Tuscany Villa, with earthy palettes and you will be pretty much there. Calce Cruda is also a great product for stencil work, as the clays give a sharp edge.

Archi+ pietra

Archi pietra is a real stone like finish, but with the addition of aggregates that crush and open during the application process to give bursts of shimmer and pearl in the final finish. Looks best in a natural colour pallet such as sandstone and terracotta.

Archi+ argilla

Clay products have been around for quite some time now, but have become extremely popular. With its truly magnificent earthy feel, clay has the ability to make any area feel warming and add instant character.

Archi+ Argilla with its mixture of unique minerals and pigments that can be tailored to suit your project gives a breathable finish that is unparalleled to any other in our venetian plaster range.

Decorative (bespoke)

This is where our creations really come to life.

The biggest reason that Hikitia Surface Design stand out from any other Venetian Plaster applicators is our ability to create designs that are not on the standard menu. Meaning that every surface becomes a true art piece.  We have the expertise and the artistic flair to create a one off design with Venetian plaster.

Hikitia Surface Design – Expertise in the Art of Polished Plaster Finishes

Whether you are looking to create authentic natural clay, Marmorino Venetian plaster walls, or want to recreate the beauty of marble effect plaster, you can rely on the extensive experience and in-depth skill of the Hikitia Surface Design.

Polished plaster is an artisan trade. Here at Hikitia, we work alongside some of London’s most respected interior designers, contractors and architects, tailoring finishes to suit a wide range of tastes and visions.

To discuss your interiors project with a member of our highly experienced team, please feel free to Reach out. We will be happy to help.