Is Venetian plaster popular?

Date: Thursday June 1, 2023    Read Time: 3 mins
Venetian plaster Office

Is Venetian plaster popular? Let’s deep dive into what a venetian plaster can create for your work place or home.

A brief timeline of Venetian plaster

Venetian plaster is the process of working with stucco plaster that originated in Italy during the Renaissance period. Venetian plaster has gained a lot of traction within the interior design world lately due to its aesthetics and its durability.

The texture of Venetian plaster presents a unique and almost three-dimensional quality that can uplift a simple wall into a piece of art. This finish can be worked in order to achieve many textures, and its lustre can tailored in order to adjust the sheen. Venetian plaster comes in many colours and tones, ranging from warm, earthy tones to muted cool greys and pastel colours. The versatility of Venetian plastering products means that they can be applied in a variety of styles, such as contemporary, traditional, modern, bohemian or industrial interiors. Venetian plaster is especially popular with designers who wish to bring a touch of luxury into their designs.

Venetian plaster attributes

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Venetian plaster is its durability. Once applied correctly, Venetian plaster is severely stronger than regular painted finishes to standard plastering or Drylining. Making this a perfect choice for high-traffic areas, such as hallways or entryways, where footfall is frequent. Venetian plaster is moisture-resistant, making it an excellent choice for high-humidity environments such as bathrooms or indoor swimming pools.

Venetian plaster popular

Venetian plaster for the environment

Venetian plaster is environmentally friendly as it is made from natural materials such as lime putty and marble flour. Venetian plasters emit zero volatile organic compounds and there are no synthetic materials that are harmful to the environment or any living beings who come into contact with it.

On a final note, Venetian plaster is relatively easy to maintain and clean. Unlike other finishes, Venetian plaster does not require any special cleaning product. Often, it will only require a soft cloth and water. Due to its high lime content, Venetian plaster dries very quickly and is resistant to mould and mildew.

So, it is easy to see why Venetian plaster’s popularity is going through the roof. The aesthetic and durability properties make it an excellent choice for interior designers, architects and residential homeowners alike. It’s kindness to the environment and easy maintenance make it very attractive for those who are interested in using products that have minimal impact on the planet.