Do You Need A Polished Plaster In Essex

Are you looking for a Polished Plaster in Essex? We have been in business for 20 years in the London, Essex and Kent areas, working with award-winning architects and designers. Once you see the gallery below, I’m sure you’ll agree that we polished plastering experts within the field. We can create more traditional finishes as we are always pushing the boundaries with the materials and different techniques. We ensure that your project will stand out and be a talking piece in any location.

Hikitia, listen to your brief at design and ideas stage and we then go away and create some samples that match your design specifications. We are always happy to give advice about the design, process and the different many types of plastering finishes.

Whisper Grey Polished Plaster in Kent, media wall

What is the difference between polished plaster and Venetian plaster?

There’s no doubt that Venetian plaster and polished plaster has gained a lot of popularity lately. But how do you know which one is right for you? When carrying out research for your interior design project, you want to ensure you are looking up the right material. Hopefully this helps. The truth is that most people are still getting the terms Venetian plaster and polished plaster mixed up. The two have become very diluted. To complicate things even further, there are more finishes from the surface design family that have now taken space under the Venetian plaster umbrella. So an easy way to clear this one up. Venetian plaster is the term used to describe all of the surface finishes that are trowelled onto a wall, ceiling, or sometimes floors and displays.

Venetian plaster is the Mother term, and underneath can be Marmorino, concrete, dragged finish, even Liquid Metals. Polished plaster, otherwise known as Grassello or Spatulato is the super high shine finish, with a glass-like appearance. Polished plaster is part of the Venetian plaster family. It has taken its place so firmly in the market, that even when we answer the phone to a client asking for Polished plaster, we know we need to keep our options open and know that this client could be asking for anything within the Venetian plaster range.

polished plaster essex

Can you have polished plaster in a shower?

So you may have seen Venetian plaster in a shower. Well let’s clear this one up by being quite straight to the point… It shouldn’t be. Now, we understand that product developers have been creating some amazing products lately. Some of these state of the art protections and waxes even include nano-technology that quite literally impregnate the Polished plaster with a material that instantly repels water molecules. This all sounds good and well, but let’s remember one crucial fact. Polished plaster is extremely high in lime content and what is lime extremely good at doing? Absorbing water!

At Hikitia Surface Design we believe in working with nature, we also believe in pushing boundaries to create one-off pieces of art. But we feel that this type of defying nature just doesn’t feel right and we have seen far too many of these systems fail. We believe that if you’re going to spend a lot of money on your polished plaster, you’re going to want your product to last as long as possible. If you really want to have the seamless benefits of polished plaster in your shower or wet room area, perhaps opt for Microcement or tadelakt. Remember we said that there are lots of products that fall within the Venetian plaster family and these products mentions are designed to work with water very effectively. If you are looking for a Polished Plaster in Essex please feel free to reach out if you’d like any advice in this field from one of our Venetian plaster experts.

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How much is polished plastering?

Perhaps you’ve decided on the area of your project where you want to have Venetian plaster installed. You’ve decided on your finishes from our Venetian plaster gallery. Our prices can vary according to the material used and also the labour intensity, during applying the product. Some believe that Venetian plaster and polished plaster are expensive. But once you weigh up the alternatives, considering that our prices are for the material and the installation, interior designers normally find out that we are a very reasonable price. Sure, it would most probably work out cheaper to use an emulsion paint… but Venetian plaster is just in another league here!