Marble Plastering

Marble plastering has adopted its name due to the breakdown of the materials used to produce it. Slaked lime putty and crushed marble flour are the sole ingredients used to create this beautifully versatile product. Over 40% of a good quality Venetian product will consist of pure marble flour.

Marble plaster, also known as grassello or spatulato is normally used for internal work on walls and ceilings to create glass-like pieces of work. But it has also been used for centuries by artisans to make concrete formed steps, columns and facades appear like beautiful polished marble.

In order to work the material towards a wall that resembles marble, the product must be applied by a Venetian plaster artisan. The material is compressed down in multiple thin layers. Each coat offering it’s own quality to the overall finish, and then the final layer is really compressed down with the trowel and a shine starts to appear. This starts to create an illusion of depth in the marble wall.

The background must be absolutely perfect in order for us to even begin this process. An ideal background would be a plastered wall by a reputable local plastering company. Marble plastering can be pigmented to any colour or shade and will hold its colour very well over the years due to the UV resistant inks and the locking in of the material due to the trowelling process.

Venetian marble plaster can also have a wax applied to the finished piece, in order to add a water resistant layer.

Why use Hikitia for your next Marble Plastering project?

Only a few can apply this Italian classic finish correctly and each artist will have their own variation on finish. At Hikitia we are highly trained in Marble plaster and have completed projects throughout London, Kent, Surrey and Essex regions. Marble plaster is by far, one of the most labour intensive finishes that we install. The shine that we like to achieve can’t be replicated by many

Marble Plaster is a real statement product that can add a real impact to your project when done correctly. We only use the finest materials for this finish. Feel free to check out our gallery, to see many projects we have carried out for our happy clients. To speak more about Marble Plaster and what we can offer you, please get in touch.

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