Pitted Venetian plaster



“Life is like a river. The peaks and troughs, pits and swirls, are all are part of the ride”

– Heraclitus


Pitted polished plaster carries the appearance and feel of stone.

Varying in depth and irregularity, according to the application process.
At Hikitia, we pull a lot of inspiration from nature.  Pitting, textures and fissures can be added with various washes in order to achieve a truly unique piece of work.

Pitted Venetian plaster is a very understated form of Venetian plaster that can transform any wall into a stunning piece of art.  The material consists of natural lime putty and marble chips to create an effective textured surface that has a real touch of elegance.

This finish requires a lot of skill and patience to install. The preparation work must be undertaken on the surface to be covered. With pitted finish, this is slightly more forgiving than some of the other finishes, so slight imperfections are not a problem to cover. Then the surface is ready for a base coat, using a trowel. 

Once fully dried, the next coat is ready to apply. This is where the material starts to take shape. The artisan will start to create small holes and indentations in the Venetian plaster where it’s needed. 

Pitted Venetian plaster creates the real illusion of depth. This adds a new dimension to any space. The pitting and the dents make this a finish that can bring any room or feature to life.

A main feature of this style is that it’s extremely durable and will withstand the test of time. Consisting of natural materials, it is crack and scratch resistant. Pitted finish is very easy to clean and maintain, the perfect choice for high traffic areas such as corridors, lobbies or staircases.

Overall, Pitted Venetian plaster is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to add some sophistication and elegance to their interior design project. 

Whether used to create a focal point or to bring out an existing architectural feature, Pitted will have you covered. 

Pitted Venetian plaster is the ideal choice for anyone wishing to achieve a beautiful, yet durable finish.


Venetian Plaster is a real statement product that can add a real impact to your project when done correctly. Our materials are supplied by Novacolor. Combined with our extensive training in this field we have the expertise needed to make your project look as authentic as the real thing. Feel free to check out our gallery, to see many projects we have carried out for our happy clients. To speak more about Pitted Plaster and what we can offer you, please get in touch.

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