Rust and Patina



“Oxidation nibbles more slowly – more delicately, without a flame, we call it rust. We scarcely notice as it consumes everything from hairpins to whole civilisations.”

― Alan Bradley

Oxidation Sometimes known as corrosion, rust or patina.

Have you ever looked up at those beautiful mint green roof structures in the city? Or how about the flakes of browns and oranges on the sheets of metal on an old shipwreck.

That’s patina… That’s Oxidation!

We all know what happens to steel throughout its ageing process when left to the elements. Slowly the metal deteriorates, putting on a dramatic show of sunburst colours. A true gift from nature. A reminder that we cannot escape the true powers of nature.

We create the oxidisation effect by first applying coats of the metal itself in a plaster form. Then the natural process of oxidation is accelerated by use of an acid or an alkaline, reproducing an effect as if it were created by nature itself. This is where our artists can get really creative and dictate where the rust or the patina is to really take hold.

At Hikitia we pride ourselves upon making our finishes look authentic. We spend hours, literally hours, studying how water falls in nature, how surfaces are affected by the elements.


Oxidation is a real statement product that can add a real impact to your project when done correctly. Our materials are supplied by Novacolor. Combined with our extensive training in this field we have the expertise needed to make your project look as authentic as real rust or patina. Feel free to check out our gallery, to see many projects we have carried out for our happy clients. To speak more about Oxidation and what we can offer you, please get in touch.

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