Liquid Metal


Liquid Metal

“If precious metals had been abundant, they would not have been precious”

– Henry Hazlitt


Liquid metal is one of the latest additions to the surface design family.

Although not technically a polished plaster, liquid metal has very similar application techniques, and they work even better when teamed up with polished plaster.

We use elemental metals such as Copper and Aluminium, or on many occasions have created custom alloys for bespoke projects such as bronze and brass. Depending on the techniques used, the artist can add areas of movement or ageing where needed. The finished metals can also have a patina added to them to make them appear as if they have been weathering for years.

They create a very durable finish as the result is the metal itself.
The liquid metals are towards the more expensive of the services we offer, as the materials are a high price to begin with. The labour intensity is very high too, hours upon hours of polishing is needed in order to get the highest possible shine.

However, as you can see from our gallery, with Liquid Metal you can be assured of a very dramatic piece of work.

Liquid metals can be used almost anywhere. Hikitia surface design have installed this material on walls, ceilings, doors, doorframes, columns and even onto furniture. Below in the photos, you can see where we installed aged bronze finish onto some plain concrete columns.


Liquid Metals are a real statement product that can add a real impact to your project when done correctly. Our materials are supplied by Novacolor and contain the actual metals themselves. Combined with our extensive training in this field we have the expertise needed to make your project look as authentic as real metal sheet. Feel free to check out our gallery, to see many projects we have carried out for our happy clients. To speak more about Liquid Metal and what we can offer you, please get in touch.

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